Birthday Reflection

Dennis Goh, Sunrise, Entrepreneurship, start up

Looking around me over the past year, there is tons to be grateful for:

– A beautiful, supportive, caring and loving wife who is always standing by me, despite my numerous flaws

– A wonderful, blessed baby girl whose arrival has totally expanded my perspective on life. I now fully understand how much parents have sacrificed for us….very humbling

– Working together with so many passionate people; it is such a joy to work when the company around you is inspiring

– Travelling around the world and broadening my horizons; there is tons to learn in the days ahead

A poignant reminder of how much more remains to be done in my beloved Singapore (and everywhere else in the world) struck home again when I saw a limping old man (at least 70) yesterday pushing a huge cart full of cardboard boxes neatly flattened and stacked up on this cart, walking along the main road.

As an individual with only 24 hours a day already spread out thinly multi-tasking on both personal and company responsibilities, I am completely helpless. But as part of a collective/community, the sum total is surely greater than the parts. If done appropriately, many lives could be changed positively for the better

Give me time to chew on this



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