About Me


I am a passionate digital entrepreneur who believes strongly in using technology to remove “pain points” for people, create a better market and leveraging on digital platforms to promote positive change

Started my entrepreneurial journey to change the world by founding HungryGoWhere.com (HGW) in 2006, a social media platform that gave a voice to everyone to decide where the best food in Singapore is. By allowing all restaurants to engage our large community of food lovers for free, HGW also gave small restaurants (frequently run by passionate owners) in Singapore the chance to thrive against the big boys who were running them out of business with their far superior financial power.

Having disrupted the F&B sector in Singapore and growing HGW’s traffic to 1 million unique monthly visitors by 2012, I sold HGW to Singtel in June 2012.

Armed with this entrepreneurial experience, I am now helping the Singtel Group in its international digital media expansion, starting up and creating new digital assets around the Asia-Pacific that would help improve lives and bring about positive change

With these numerous start-ups behind me, I joined the Founders Institute in May 2013 and am presently an active advisor and mentor to several start-ups across the region, all of which have a strong social mission.

Prior to my time as an entrepreneur, I worked almost 7 years in the Singapore Government in various management roles after accepting the Singapore Government’s Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholarship. The most interesting was the 4 years spent at the Prime Minister’s Office (Deputy Head of the Strategic Policy Office) where I mapped out various future scenarios that Singapore would exist in, and used that as a platform to influence various strategic policies subsequently undertaken by the Singapore government

I am highly passionate about leading positive change and this is what will define my career

Email: me@dennisgoh.com

LinkedIn: http://sg.linkedin.com/in/dennisgoh