Hectic 2014

Hannah Photo

My apologies for not posting for quite a while

It has been a very hectic 2014, from various deployments at Singtel, to moving on and becoming a VC, and in the midst of it all – being a daddy for my first full year. Given that I am trying to spend as much time with my dearest baby girl as possible, this has really tested my time management skills and the best way to describe it is I am literally juggling balls full time! With her constantly in the background…..hence the photo =)

Not that things are any easier now given that I am a full-time professional VC with x10,000,000 (you get the picture) more start-ups to mentor….but hopefully I can squeeze some sharing in between as 2015 rolls in

In the meantime, blessed Christmas to everyone and here’s to a wonderful 2015 coming soon!


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