Joined Wavemaker


The big decision for me this year was leaving Singtel to join Wavemaker as a partner

I had numerous people asking me why I moved on to become a VC rather than doing another start-up immediately, including Tech in Asia, Digital News Asia and Today

I think the answer is simple

1. I believe I have a lot more to learn from my fellow start-ups in the Asian tech ecosystem, many of whom are now run by people far more experienced than me, not just the first-time entrepreneurs.

2. I would like to give back by helping to mentor start-ups that value whatever advice I can give them, and hopefully avoid paying some of the massive tuition fees I paid myself during the so so tough early years of running HungryGoWhere

You can bet that life to me is always an adventurous journey – once I have learnt enough and discover where the greatest need is (I do have limited time and energy, so can only focus on a few big themes over the next decade), I might start to contribute again operationally on the start-up front line

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